… “ Love it!”  (Archie Shepp)

… “ You are so creative, you really catch the feeling… you got it!”  (Ornette Coleman)

… “ I can hear my song in your photo!”  (Celia Crúz)

… “ You’d be called a ‘seer’ in another place, Dee!”  (Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand)

… ” What a great artist you are my dear. Incredible!  Your art is like a great great jazz solo. xoxoxoox Love you …. Sheila…”  (Sheila Jordan)

… “ A perfect visual counterpart to the sounds… As Tadd Dameron said,  ‘STAY ON IT!’ ”  (Bob Blumenthal)

…” Oh these are wonderful,  Dee Dee… and really capture the artist.  Right to the core… You are a fantastic photographer… Wonderful photos of all the jazzers my dear.  Much love to you – Kisses! ”  (Sheila Jordan)

… “ I can hear my music in your photographs!”  (Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaría, Ray Barretto, and MANY others)

… “ Dee Dee, you jive!!!!!”  (Billy Higgins)

… “ With much love… BRIGHT MOMENTS!”  (Horace and Cecilia Tapscott)

…”Took my breath away – you caught every side of my Dad in those photos! AWESOME!”  (Renée Tapscott Wilcot)

…” Thank you Dee.  These are treasures!”  (Jerry González)

… ” You do great work, thanks for sharing it.”  (George B. Thomas)

… “ Fabulously composed, incredibly sensitive”  (Janet Van Fleet, Studio Place Arts)

… “ This work brought tears to my eyes – it was so emotional and passionate!”  (Sylvia M.)

… “ So nice to see the faces to the sounds… BEAUTIFUL!”  (A. Gustavson)

… “ [I am] Hit by the inspiration of the images…!”  (Larry Roland)

… “ You have captured the spirit of these creative geniuses from the inside, and with shining vision… Thanks!” (Jordan)

… “ I never looked so great as in the picture you took of me at the old Jazzmania! What a great job you did…If my picture could say or sing something, I am sure it would be a Chant from the Amazon!  A big Brazilian hug!” (Gaudencio Thiago de Mello)

…” These pictures are so evocative – you can see the music coming out of their mouths and instruments.  Congratulations on this [work]!!  And how few people were awoken by Thelonious Monk?!!”  (Dr. Christina Chambreau)

… “ This [is] very enlightening… Your fan!”  (Michelle)

… “ Great work, Dee! [I am] greatly impressed!”  (Carlos)

… “ Your energy shows in your work”  (Katherine Lord)

… “ Very nice… I’m impressed… THANK YOU!”  (John Page)

… “ Inspiring and uplifting – a visual feast!…Thank you!”  (Nina Miller)

… “ Suas fotos são lindas!  Gosto muito daquelas que não são posadas.  Ou seja, gosto da naturalidade do momento, o inesperado momento do “click”, quando desavisadamente o momento é capturado.  Enfim, é jazz também, com fotos.  Um grande beijo!”  (Joatan Nascimento)

…” Dee, o teu trabalho é o máximo e é tambem super importante para todos os músicos criativos. Bjos….”  (Yana Purim)

…“In this age of unimaginative, routine “selfies,” Creative Music Photography reminds us that a well framed photo, not only captures the emotion of the moment, but represents an immediate and impactful document of music history…” – Edwin García, Esq.


… “ Viewing your work is a wonderfully emotional visual experience”…

… “ Hit by the inspiration of the images”…

… “ Wonderful work… you have captured the spirit of these creative geniuses from the inside, and with shining vision. Thanks! ”…

… “ This work is inspiring and uplifting — a visual feast! Thank you!”…

… “ A wonderfully emotional visual experience…”


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