… “ Love it!”  (Archie Shepp)

… “ You are so creative, you really catch the feeling… you got it!”  (Ornette Coleman)

… “ I can hear my song in your photo!”  (Celia Crúz)

… “ You’d be called a ‘seer’ in another place, Dee!”  (Abdullah Ibrahim, formerly known as Dollar Brand)

… ” What a great artist you are my dear. Incredible!  Your art is like a great great jazz solo. xoxoxoox Love you …. Sheila…”  (Sheila Jordan)

… “ A perfect visual counterpart to the sounds… As Tadd Dameron said,  ‘STAY ON IT!’ ”  (Bob Blumenthal)

…“ Dee Kalea has had extraordinary access to great figures in creative music, and puts it to good use, capturing something of their sounds with her always compassionate vision. Take a look at her images and kick in if you can, support for jazz photography is hard to come by but well-deserved. “ – (Howard Mandel), President Jazz Journalist Association 5.27.17

…” Oh these are wonderful,  Dee Dee… and really capture the artist.  Right to the core… You are a fantastic photographer… Wonderful photos of all the jazzers my dear.  Much love to you – Kisses! ”  (Sheila Jordan)

… “ I can hear my music in your photographs!”  (Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaría, Ray Barretto, and MANY others)

… “ Dee Dee, you jive!!!!!”  (Billy Higgins)

… “ With much love… BRIGHT MOMENTS!”  (Horace and Cecilia Tapscott)

… ” Took my breath away – you caught every side of my Dad in those photos! AWESOME!”  (Renée Tapscott Wilcot)

…” Thank you Dee.  These are treasures!”  (Jerry González)

… ” You do great work, thanks for sharing it.”  (George B. Thomas)

… “ Fabulously composed, incredibly sensitive”  (Janet Van Fleet, Studio Place Arts)

… “ This work brought tears to my eyes – it was so emotional and passionate!”  (Sylvia M.)

… “ So nice to see the faces to the sounds… BEAUTIFUL!”  (A. Gustavson)

… “ [I am] Hit by the inspiration of the images…!”  (Larry Roland)

… “ You have captured the spirit of these creative geniuses from the inside, and with shining vision… Thanks!” (Jordan)

… “ I never looked so great as in the picture you took of me at the old Jazzmania! What a great job you did…If my picture could say or sing something, I am sure it would be a Chant from the Amazon!  A big Brazilian hug!” (Gaudencio Thiago de Mello)

…” These pictures are so evocative – you can see the music coming out of their mouths and instruments. Congratulations on this [work]!!  And how few people were awoken by Thelonious Monk?!!”  (Dr. Christina Chambreau)

… “ This [is] very enlightening… Your fan!”  (Michelle)

… “ Great work, Dee! [I am] greatly impressed!”  (Carlos)

… “ Your energy shows in your work”  (Katherine Lord)

… “ Very nice… I’m impressed… THANK YOU!”  (John Page)

… “ Inspiring and uplifting – a visual feast!…Thank you!”  (Nina Miller)

…“ In this age of unimaginative, routine “selfies,” Creative Music Photography reminds us that a well framed photo, not only captures the emotion of the moment, but represents an immediate and impactful document of music history…” – (Edwin García, Esq.)

…” Dee has had an insider track her entire life,” …”She has that kind of perception; she catches [musicians] at moments that many people wouldn’t even notice…Dee’s connected in a way that many photographers would never be able to achieve.”

…” She seems a part of it and is able to respectfully present the musicians in her photographs in a way that captures the joy, captures the energy, captures the humor, often!” – (George Thomas), Jazz Radio Programmer (in Seven Days article 5/31/17)

…”A talented photographer, Dee shows her ability to get the essence from her myriad subjects.
For fifty-three years, she has worked with jazz and Latino musicians – and that joy comes through in these black and white photographs.
A show not to be missed!…” – (George Thomas, DJ and jazz lover

… “ Suas fótos são lindas!  Gosto muito daquelas que não são posadas.  Ou seja, gosto da naturalidade do momento, o inesperado momento do “click”, quando desavisadamente o momento é capturado.  Enfim, é jazz também, com fotos.  Um grande beijo!”  (Joatan Nascimento)

…” Dee, o teu trabalho é o máximo e é também super importante para todos os músicos criativos. Bjos….”  (Yana Purim)

…”Wow Dee!! just blown away by your images! you capture the exuberance and passion of the jazz performance like no one I have ever seen…and all the greats!! Mingus, Chick, Nana, Dizzy, Candido, Sal Cuevas!! just sweet sweet sweet…thanks!…” – (Willie Loya)


… “ Viewing your work is a wonderfully emotional visual experience”…

… “ Hit by the inspiration of the images”…

… “ Wonderful work… you have captured the spirit of these creative geniuses from the inside, and with shining vision. Thanks! ”…

… “ This work is inspiring and uplifting — a visual feast! Thank you!”…

… “ A wonderfully emotional visual experience…”


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